2019 Reading List

This year is the first year that I actively put together a reading list. I really got back into reading books in late 2017 after signing up for an audible account. It was a natural way to consume books, especially since I had been listening to podcasts for a number of years. All-in-all in 2018 I read/listened to 37 books total, most between Audible and Kindle.

So when I was putting together things that I would like to accomplish in 2019, reading/listening to a book a week was a goal of mine. Since reading/listening to 52 books in 2019 would be a sharp increase in books read compared to 2018, I needed a plan. So I went through a number of recommended reading lists to create this plan. Check out my reading list if you are interested. 

My 2019 Reading Plan

My plan to maintain a book a week average between books read and books listened to. In addition to reading the book, I am going to write up a little summary of the book on my website just to hold myself accountable and because I get way more out of the book when I summarize it.

At the time of this writing(03/27/2019), I have listened to eight audiobooks and have read seven books for a total of 15 books in the first 13 weeks. I am however behind in writing the summaries, I have been writing everything in a composition notebook just for the books.

My plan is to start now and see where I am at in six months and then a year. The goal is to just start and then let time do the rest, something like compound interest. If I can learn just one thing from each book that I read over the course of six months, a year, five years I can learn so much.